Pro Pier - Complete on-site Automatic Electric Gate & Pier System

The Pro Pier offers a complete Plug and Play Package:  Internal Steel Sleeves to hang the Gates and House the Automation or Finished Wrought Iron Steel Piers, Hand Forged Gates or Sliding Gates Designs to be chosen from Fully Automated with Safety and Delivered to your site in a Fully Working Package.
Pro Pier - Complete on-site Automatic Electric Gate & Pier System

BENEFITS & FEATURES of the Pro Pier System

  • The Pro Pier Provides Strong internal Steel Sleeves to ensure Safety Structurally (Most Injuries and Fatalities are incurred due to badly fitted Gates and the structure is dangerous)
  • We can also provide the Pro-Pier with a Finished Steel Wrought Iron Pier as shown in our Video the image of the black Gates the off-white piers are Wrought Iron Steel Piers finished and the White Gates with Piers that were lifted on the forklift in our video these are also Wrought Iron Finished Steel Piers, the Design choice is endless
  • The internal Strong Steel Sleeves now house the Motors and Panels which is now elevated off the Ground Securely inside the Steel Sleeves which eliminates Water Damage and to provide Easy Access for Maintenance
  • The Electrics and Wiring are now Safely Housed inside the Steel Sleeves Pro- longing the life of your Automatic System
  • Sliding Gate System, the Gate will slide through the Centre of the Pier leaving the sliding Gate Stronger and to avoid Wind Pressure (Designed with Safety in Mind)
  • Adjustable Strap Eyes to fit Gates and Adjustable Boxes can be removed to Maintain Motors and Panels  (Easy Access)
  • Gates and Entrance Openings can now be Standardised and having the Ability to Close off a Site in one go
  • Range of Hand Forged Gate Designs available and a Range of Sliding Gate Designs available.
  • The Pro Pier Module leaves our workshop Fully Operational, and we can have all installed on your site within hours
  • High level of Safety involved in the design process of the Pro Pier
  • Eliminates a lot of tradesmen meaning we can deal with the Job from Start to be finish – otherwise the Strong Steel Internal Pier only needs a Tradesman to build around in Stone, Brick, or whatever Material you want to use
  • One stop shop for customers offering a Completed Package to take the Guess Work out of ordering and allowing us to do what we do Best!

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